Meet Our
Strong Team

Experienced Project Managers

There is a conviction that the Project Manager needs management skills, and Tech Team will cover the rest. It depends on the project type, its complexity and domain area. However, in most cases, that is not true. There are two sides to this problem; one is about talking to you, and the second is talking to the team. When PM does not understand the domain area properly, PM loses important points in conversations with you, asks weak questions and gives a too-common high-level view of what is going on in the project. In conversation with the team, PM needs to have a precise understanding of technical risks and possible options to "translate" technical descriptions into business terms so the business can make weighted decisions. All our Project Managers are deep enough into the domain area and have basic technical skills to speak the same language with the technical team. This non-obvious advantage brings your product to the market faster with the functionality you expect to have.

Skilled Developers
and Architects

The code is always behind the scene. The result of high skilled developer and an average one sometimes looks the same. So why have more professional and expensive developers in the team? We don't discuss apparent cases when an average developer cannot solve the problem, but we talk about day-to-day work. The answer lies in the Costs of Ownership. Your project is not something poured into concrete. It changes, evolves and requires new features or improvements of old ones. Bad code quality leads to more bugs and more places to change, resulting in longer delivery times for new features. Sometimes it leads to security issues! That is different from what any eCommerce Store owner wants to get. That is why highly skilled developers and architects should be on top of any development team. They are fundamental for lower Costs of Ownership and safe online store running.

No hidden bugs with
thorough Testing and QA

Software Testing and QA is one underestimated parts of software development. How many bugs does your software have? Are there critical bugs? What should be fixed now, and what can you postpone for later? All these questions have no answer without proper Testing and QA. Furthermore, the primary metrics of any project - Conversion Rate and Retention - depend on bugs your project has or does not have. Knowing that we have built a reliable process of Testing and QA for every project. Can it catch all bugs? No, it's not; unfortunately, it is not possible. But it is possible and doable from our side to catch all major and most minor bugs to keep your project high-quality with an excellent User Experience.

Creative UX / UI Specialists

Be attractive and be usable. Apple spends millions to reach that goal. We are not Apple, but our UI/UX Designers team spent numerous hours solving UX and UI problems. Have you a simple website or a complex modern web application, our team will find great UX solutions as well as modern and fresh Interface Design. We follow the latest trends in making excellent look-and-feel applications. We also follow and apply your brand aesthetics or creating one for you from scratch.