The ways we can work together

Delivery approach options

You change anything anytime

The most popular but the less predictable approach.
A lot of agencies are working with their clients in this way. You can change your mind, delivery points and think about the next steps at any stage of the project. While it is great flexibility, it brings the less predictable results. You can hear you will be on time and in budget, however nobody can be sure about that since nobody understands the real amount of work to do. We can do it, but strongly don't recommend it.


  • Illusion of the fast start, almost no escalations until we ask ourself where we are and how long it will take to get to the milestone, MVP, etc..


  • None of that provides the actual timelines (all of them won’t be achieved)
  • no control over budget
  • timelines (except if its not tiny project).

You go agile methodology:
Scrum or Kanban

Agile methodologies have been invented to give great flexibility with meaningful control over budget and schedule. However, it cannot fix your budget and schedule. We recommend this approach when you do not understand more than 50% of your project and need to decide on the next steps based on feedback from the done parts.


  • relatively fast start,
  • no changes management overhead required (agile),
  • you get deliverables after each sprint.


  • With the great velocity but with the wrong direction its a huge risk to waste the budget and time, so its crucial to synchronise long term plan after each sprint which is effort consumable from client perspective.
  • Control over the budget and timelines only for bits thats outlined up to current moment, you cant answer the question with Agile how much i need to spend to complete project and when it will happen.

You go with our verified approach

The most predictable approach. It allows you to have clear control over timeline and budget and get exactly what you want in the end of the project. It works perfectly for those clients who understand at least 70% of your project, which is often the case. Good preparation and requirements gathering at the beginning saves a lot of time during implementation. It is not the easiest approach, but we can guide you through all steps and help with every stage. We can do it extremely well and that is what we recommend for the most of our clients.


  • You get complete control over all project aspects, scope, budget, timelines, milestones, risks.
  • Its flexible, so you can change or reprioritise each part of project and each time you’ll be able to get answer how this change my budget and timeline and get the reasonable options to solve it.
  • Results could be seen after each iteration, so its easy to track the progress and remain synchronised with the masterplan.
  • All the changes are under control and easily could validated in every point of time during the implementation.


  • High effort consumption from client side at the beginning to clarify scope, align with the plan and prioritisation.