Infinite Possibilities to be a Team

The Bridge Digital Advantage


A lot of agencies will tell you that “nothing is static, you can make changes at any time”, however at Bridge Digital, we recommend doing it right the first time, and if a pivot is needed, then as a team, we can make changes. This brings more predictable results, on time and on budget. Due to the nature of ever improving technology, we prefer to bring options and advice to ensure the best solution. We don’t recommend belief in the “You can change anything at any time.” Although we can do it, it is scientific, data driven, and presented to you in that manner.

Agile Methodology:
Scrum or Kanban

With ever changing and updating of technology, you now have greater flexibility with much more control over budget and schedule. However, it does not fix the budget or schedule independently, especially if you are not 100% sure on exactly what your project will entail.


  • Fast start.
  • No changes to management overhead required.
  • Deliverables after each sprint.


  • With the great velocity sometimes, you head in the wrong direction.
  • Potential risk to waste money and time.

Go with our verified approach

This is the best choice. It allows you to have complete and clear control over your timeline and budget and get exactly what you want and need. It has proven to work perfectly over 70% of the time a client understands their project. Gathering requirements at the beginning with great preparation saves a tremendous amount of time during implementation. This is the easiest approach; we do all we can to guide you every step to make it as painless as possible. This is what we always recommend for most of our clients.


  • You have complete control over all the aspects including scope, budget, timelines, milestones, and risks.
  • It’s flexible, so you can pivot if there is a change in timeline, budget to get the best option to solve it.
  • Results are seen immediately after each iteration.
  • Easier to track and synchronize with the company master plan.
  • All the changes are under control and easily could validate in every point of time during implementation.


  • High effort from the client side at the start to
      - scope,
      - align with the plan,
      - prioritise.